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Rock Art- Lascaux Cave and Africa

30th July 2018

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The Wonders of Rock Art: Lascaux Cave and Africa exhibition invites you to step back in time and explore the long-hidden Lascaux caves where, 17 000 years ago, our human ancestors painted the wild animals that roamed the plains of France.

For the first time in Africa, the Lascaux International Exhibition will reveal the caves and their secret trove of prehistoric artistic treasures, replicated in all their authentic glory.

Its Southern African companion exhibit, The Dawn of Art, shows how our pioneering forebears created the earliest rock-art masterpieces 100 000 years ago. Come and marvel at the San’s spiritually-inspired cave paintings and discover how Africa was not just the cradle of humankind, but the cradle of art, science and technology too.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to take an interactive voyage back to the dawn of human civilisation, and immerse yourself in a gallery of magnificent Stone Age rock art while exploring our common humanity and culture.

Open until:  1 October 2018

Venue: Sci-Bono Discover Centre

Ticket Prices: Joint ticketing with Origins Centre available. Tickets available at Webtickets.

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